DIY Storage Bin

Let us guess, you’ve just cleaned out your mini’s closet and now you have a ton of empty storage bins lying around?  What are you going to do with those bins now?  Even if you haven’t completely cleaned out the closet, we have a fun craft that may help you stay organized in other areas!  Take those empty storage bins and turn them into a beautiful toy box perfect for your kiddos playroom!

All you’ll need to transform those bins into beautiful toy boxes are:

-Fabric (enough to wrap/cover the entire bin, about 2 yards)

-Hot Glue Gun


-Super Glue

-Burlap (can be switched to any fabric/material to line the top outer portion of the toy box)

*For extra pa-zazz we spray painted mini mason jars and hot glued them to the bottom to serve as feet! Feel free to do the same or find something else around your home that will serve the same purpose.

Start by measuring out enough fabric to wrap fully around the plastic bin. You may find it easier to cut the fabric as close to “perfect” as possible to prevent excess fabric hanging in the long run. Once you’ve cut the fabric, use the hot glue gun to adhere the fabric directly to the storage bin. You may need to use a combination of hot glue and superglue on the bottom around those uneven edges. Simply fold any excess fabric over the top rim of the bin and neatly hot glue it.

Once you’ve glued on the initial fabric, feel free to add the burlap or whatever complimentary fabric you choose.

We then added our Mason Jars at the bottom of the bin and waited a few hours for everything to dry.

Then BOOM, just like that you’ve repurposed that storage bin into a fun and inviting toy box, OR a laundry basket, OR linen storage OR an ice chest, the list goes on and on!

DIY T-Shirt Bag

In the midst of preparing for summer have you come across a lot of t-shirts that are too small, worn out or just not your kid’s style anymore? We’ve got a super easy way to turn those old tees into something new and functional! Using simply a t-shirts, scissors and a little elbow grease you can create a cute, versatile bag for your mini to carry to the beach, summer camp, or the park!

All you’ll need is:



In order to make a t-shirt bag all you'll need to do is simply cut the sleeves off the shirt. This part will serve as the handle/arm straps of the bag so try to cut precisely. You will then cut the neckline out of the shirt. You’ll want to cut it in a v-neck shape so your mini can put all their stuff in it. Finally the fun part, you will fringe cut the bottom of the shirt about 2 inches high all the way across the bottom heem. Once the shirt is fringed you will tie the fringe strips together so nothing falls out the bottom of the bag. And there you have it, in just a few basic steps you’ve created a cute versatile bag for your mini!

DIY Piggy Bank

We’ve got a super cute, super quick DIY activity for you and your child today! In the essences of saving, and reusing, and repurposing, today's DIY craft is a piggy bank! Using only a 2-liter, spray paint and a few fun extras, we have created a cute piggy bank that will help your mini save their coins while saving the world.

You will need the following:

-2-Liter Soda Bottle

-Exacto Knife

-Spray Paint

-Googly Eyes

-Construction Paper for the Ear, you can also use fabric or felt for this part

You will start by cutting the 2-liter into thirds, then removing the middle third. Once you have removed the middle third, you will merge the remaining 2 pieces together. You can tape or glue the two pieces back together if you feel necessary, we glued them.

After putting the pieces back together, be sure the cap is affixed tightly to the bottle. That is where your mini will draw the piggy’s nose. Once your pieces are secure, spray paint the entire thing - any color you desire!

As you wait for the bottle to dry, your mini can draw the ears on paper and cut everything out. You will then super glue the ears and eyes and tail if you’d like (try using a pipe cleaner as the tail).  Once the bottle is completely dry, use an exacto knife to create a slit that the money and change will fit into. Then add the ears, eyes, and tail. We also used pushpins for feet, so get creative!